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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Downhill24 Our Impact

8th Annual WinterKids Downhill 24 At Sugarloaf Mountain: Photos & Results

An epic WinterKids Downhill 24 at Sugarloaf Mountain is now on the books, shattering all previous fundraising records for this, our 8th year of the event, and 5th year at Sugarloaf Mountain!

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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Our Impact Winter Games Winter Games 2020

The Impact of WinterKids Winter Games, According to the Top 3 Winning Schools in 2020

We wanted to learn more about the impact the WinterKids Winter Games made this season, so we reached out to our top three winning schools, Prescott Memorial, Jonesport Elementary, and Dr. Levesque Elementary to share their experiences. Here’s what they had to say…

West Bath School Winter Games 2020 Week 1
2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Our Impact Winter Games Winter Games 2020

WinterKids Winter Games 2020 Wrap Up Report

The WinterKids Winter Games 2020 got 32 Maine schools (2 in every county in Maine), including 7,332 kids and 1087 teachers and support staff to take their classrooms outside this winter, learning, playing, and taking advantage of the magic that is Winter in Maine! Here’s a play by play rundown of what happened during this year’s Winter Games!

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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Downhill24 March 2020 Highlights Our Impact

WinterKids Downhill 24: A Brief History & What’s New for 2020

The WinterKids Downhill 24 has become one of our most anticipated events of the year, not just because of the fun we have, but also because of the important role it plays in raising funds for WinterKids programs. Learn how it grew to be our biggest fundraiser, and what’s new for 2020!

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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Our Impact Winter Games Winter Games 2020

Winter Games 2020 Opening Ceremony & Press Conference at Waterboro Elementary

The WinterKids Winter Games 2020 has officially begun! Follow along, as two elementary schools in each of Maine’s 16 counties will go for the gold by competing in a four-week outdoor physical activity and nutrition challenge during the month of January for cash prizes, equipment and more!⠀⁣Many thanks to the staff and students at Waterboro Elementary School for hosting our press conference as part of their opening ceremonies!


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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Our Impact Press Releases Winter Games Winter Games 2020

Third Annual WinterKids Winter Games Kicking Off in Maine Schools Statewide on January 6th

On January 6, students and staff at 32 elementary schools around the state will participate in WinterKids’ third annual WinterKids Winter Games. This outdoor physical activity and nutrition competition encourages young children to develop healthy habits over the course of the four-week program. Each school will try to earn as many points as possible for the grand prize: $5,000 donated to their school. In total 7,332 students and 1,113 teachers and staff from every county in Maine (2 schools per county) will be participating in the Winter Games.

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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Our Impact Welcome to Winter Festival

WinterKids Welcome to Winter: A Brief History What’s New for 2020

With humble beginnings, the WinterKids Welcome to Winter Festival is a celebration of winter in Maine that has now grown into an event for thousands of families in and around Portland Maine to enjoy annually, completely free of charge. Here’s a brief history and a sneak peek at what’s to come this year!

Andover Winter Games 2020 Toolkit Dropoff Gallery
2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up Our Impact Winter Games Winter Games 2020

Winter Games 2020 Toolkit Dropoff Week

Toolkits have been delivered to our 32 participating Winter Games Schools, and now the count down is officially on to January 6th for the kickoff of the WinterKids Winter Games, when 2 Schools from every county in Maine will compete for $20K in cash and prizes!


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2020 Programs & Events Wrap Up License to Chill Our Impact

License to Chill 2019 Photos & Recap

Our 8th annual WinterKids License to Chill is on the books, and we smashed our fundraising goal of $30K by raising a whopping $37,914!⁣

Here are just a few photos, courtesy of Whitney J. Fox Photography. Be sure to bookmark this & check back, as there are even more to come!

Kids Running with teacher
Our Impact

WinterKids Annual Report 2018-2019

Fiscal Year 2019

WinterKids helps children develop healthy lifelong habits through education and fun outdoor winter activity

Your support helps to…

.ugb-9b05fe5 .ugb-feature-grid__item{border-radius:0px !important}.ugb-9b05fe5 .ugb-img{width:72px;height:auto !important}.ugb-9b05fe5.ugb-feature-grid .ugb-feature-grid__title{font-size:30px !important}Make a statewide impactWith programs in all 16 counties of Maine, we will reach 29,000 kids this year with innovative, outdoor initiatives for families, schools, and communities.Make winter more accessibleFrom our popular Welcome to Winter festival to ski swaps to WinterKids Family Days at Maine Mountains, we offer something for people of all ages to experience the joy and health benefits of winter.Increase physical activityIn 9 years of the WinterKids Challenge in Maine elementary and preschools, over 26,797 kids & 3,194 teachers have increased their outdoor physical activity by 2.4 million minutes.

.ugb-3485d35 .ugb-feature-grid__item{border-radius:0px !important}.ugb-3485d35 .ugb-img{width:163px;height:auto !important}.ugb-3485d35.ugb-feature-grid .ugb-feature-grid__title{font-size:30px !important}Enhance a connection to Maine’s rich winter heritageOur new mobile WinterKids app connects children of all ages to more winter activities than ever before across Maine and New Hampshire with 100 participating winter sports areas.Foster community collaborationThe WinterKids Winter Games enlists 32 schools to participate in an annual 4-week series of outdoor physical activity, nutrition, family engagement and winter carnival challenges.

2018-2019 Statement of Activities

.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-feature__item{border-radius:0px !important}.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-img{width:598px;height:auto !important}.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-button{background-color:#d5346f;border-radius:1px !important}.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-button .ugb-button–inner,.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-button svg{color:#ffffff !important}.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-button:before{border-radius:1px !important}.ugb-71a45a1 .ugb-inner-block{text-align:left}Donate Today to get (and keep) kids active, healthy, & vibrant in the outdoors.When you make a tax-deductible donation to the WinterKids Fund, you are supporting effective, evidence-based solutions to reducing childhood obesity and the loss of connection to the natural environment. Your contribution is much more than charity: it’s an investment in the future of our children and our outdoor heritage.DONATE TODAY

.ugb-7586caf .ugb-feature__item{border-radius:0px !important}.ugb-7586caf .ugb-img{width:598px;height:auto !important}.ugb-7586caf .ugb-button{background-color:#d5346f;border-radius:1px !important}.ugb-7586caf .ugb-button .ugb-button–inner,.ugb-7586caf .ugb-button svg{color:#ffffff !important}.ugb-7586caf .ugb-button:before{border-radius:1px !important}.ugb-7586caf .ugb-inner-block{text-align:left}Join the fun!Volunteer to help us keep kids active, healthy and vibrant in the outdoors. Over 100 volunteers contributed 1,200 hours this past year. your time is an excellent investment in the future of our children.LEARN MORE & VOLUNTEER TODAY

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Our Impact

2019 Season Wrap Up

Because of you…More kids are on snow in backyards, on playgrounds, and at mountains. More families are finding the joy in outdoor winter activity and healthy behaviors. More communities are nurturing the next generation of active, outdoor citizens. WinterKids is vibrant, healthy and growing – much like the kids we serve. Because of you.