Carrabec Community School

WinterKids Downhill 24 Fund 2022 Nominee
881b Mount Abram Regional High School D24 ODFund Application FY23
884b Carrabec Community School D24 ODFund Application FY23
884a Carrabec Community School D24 ODFund Application FY23

Carrabec Community School

Mission: The school community of RSU #74 will work together to raise the aspirations of all students by providing them with lifelong learning skills so that they may become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

Our Physical Education Mission Statement is to provide life skills and knowledge that will improve quality of life.

Location: North Anson, ME

Organization Type: Maine public school

Community vote for the WinterKids Downhill 24 Outdoor Fund is open from 9/1/22 – 9/30/22. You may vote for one organization in each of our three categories.

Community vote is open 9/1/22-9/30/22.

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