Orrington Middle School

WinterKids Downhill 24 Fund 2022 Nominee
917b Orrington Middle School D24 ODFund Application FY23
917b Orrington Middle School D24 ODFund Application FY23
917a Orrington Middle School D24 ODFund Application FY23

Orrington Middle School

Mission: The Orrington Schools will provide our students the right to an education in a safe, non- threatening, clean and nurturing environment. Each student will have the freedom to be an individual who is treated with respect in a setting that is conducive to the educational, social and emotional growth and well being of all participants. Students will come to school ready to learn and be challenged to aspire to their highest potential. They will be active participants in their education with the goal of becoming life-long learners. Students will be prepared to accept their role as productive, responsible citizens of the future, while demonstrating tolerance and respect for the differences of all cultures.The School Staff believes that all children can learn with appropriate encouragement and feedback. All staff members will be effective communicators who teach to individuals, and are dedicated to the education of the whole child. Lessons will be based on student needs that provide a structured and respectful atmosphere where cooperative learning and integration of curriculum allows students the opportunity to succeed. Staff will provide realistic learning experiences, including life skills that will ensure students become responsible, competent, self-sufficient members of society. Orrington educators will be committed to staying well-trained and up-to-date in current educational methods and strategies.

The Community is an integral part of our educational process. Our students’ education requires a partnership between students, teachers, parents and the Orrington community. As such, it is crucial that all of these participants take an interested and active role in the daily work of students. Education in Orrington will include the community and its resources as important teaching tools in day-to-day instruction. Our students’ home environments will provide encouragement and support for their academic, social and emotional development so they may come to school ready to learn. Parents and community members need to act as positive and responsible role models for all children.

Location: Orrington, ME

Organization Type: Maine public school

Community vote for the WinterKids Downhill 24 Outdoor Fund is open from 9/1/22 – 9/30/22. You may vote for one organization in each of our three categories.

Community vote is open 9/1/22-9/30/22.

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