City of Saco Loto wtol
City of Saco Loto wtol
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County: York County
Grant funds distributed: $5,00
Children impacted: 100

We used the $5K to purchase stand up paddle boards for the community. We were able to purchase 5 of the 10′ boards from L.L. Bean. These also came with the appropriate paddles and leashes.

As a recreation department this is the first water recreation equipment that we own. We plan to build summer programming around this activity and to get people of all ages on the water. We will plan to do some evening summer programming for kids and families, and for both beginner and experienced SUP, as well as build programming into our existing summer camps. We will be able to transport the boards to other water rec facilities as well as use our own waterfront parks on the Saco River!

One specific outing that we want to plan is a paddle from our Diamond Riverside Park, up stream, to Biddeford’s Rotary Park. Everyone would paddle and there would be a picnic waiting for them. We would return to Saco (downstream) after lunch. There’s a lot of collaboration potential with Biddeford and their parks and equipment as well. We are excited to have people try these out and continue to add to our collection eventually.

It will be rewarding to get the community into this sport and to get more people on our under-utilized river!

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