Sanford Pride Elementary School

WinterKids Downhill 24 Fund 2022 Nominee
893b Sanford Pride Elementary School D24 ODFund Application FY23
893b Sanford Pride Elementary School D24 ODFund Application FY23
893a Sanford Pride Elementary School D24 ODFund Application FY23

Sanford Pride Elementary School

Mission: The mission of Sanford Pride Elementary is to teach the whole child. By this I mean, we not only teach students academics, we also teach them to be kind people, accept everyone for who they are, have social and emotional skills, make healthy decisions and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a Health and Physical Education teacher, my goal is to teach ALL kids to enjoy movement, and show them that there are many different ways to be active and stay healthy. I want to expose all students to the various different, and healthy ways to move their bodies. I find physical education classes tend to focus a lot on sports, and it is hard to participate or enjoy what you are doing when the activities are always tailored to athletes. When growing up I enjoyed physical education class because I loved sports, and I loved competition – many of my friends felt differently about that. They did not participate in Physical Education, or would often choose to sit out because they did not enjoy the sports being played. Kids are frequently exposed to different sports through television and local high school or community games, however they are never taught that you can be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle through other activities, like hiking, dancing, yoga, or snowshoeing, to name a few. I want to expand the students thoughts and opinions on physical education and make it a place that all students enjoy.

Location: Sanford, ME

Organization Type: Maine public school

Community vote for the WinterKids Downhill 24 Outdoor Fund is open from 9/1/22 – 9/30/22. You may vote for one organization in each of our three categories.

Community vote is open 9/1/22-9/30/22.

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