Elementary Edition: WinterKids Guide to Active Outdoor Learning (GOAL)

Our Guide to Outdoor Active Learning (GOAL) makes it easy for elementary teachers to integrate fun, outdoor activity into their winter lessons– all while meeting education standards.

This is your resource for incorporating outdoor education into your winter lesson plans. This binder includes easy-to-implement lessons developed by and for teachers to inspire you to take your classroom outside.

Elementary Edition Features & Benefits:

  • Low barrier enrichment lesson plans
  • Each lesson includes an outdoor activity to reinforce the featured academic subject
  • Enhances student and teacher wellness
  • Assessments, stretches, games and more
  • Editions for ME & NH – each aligned to Common Core and state education standards.
Minor variances between state editions are not featured here. For more detailed information on what’s inside each issue, please contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to help!


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