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Blizzard Snack

This “Blizzard Snack” is ripped straight from the pages of our Guide to Outdoor Active Learning, and is a great way to beat the heat with a healthy treat this summer! Let the kids do all the heavy lifting, and just make sure there’s an adult present to turn on the blender.

WinterKids Summer Playlist: Music and Movement to Brighten Up Your Summer

Looking for something new to liven up these long summer days? We’ve put together a summer playlist with 52 songs that will help inspire your kids to move, learn and explore! These songs are great for backyard play, dancing in the living room and more! Enjoy!

Fruit & Veggie “Sushi”

These fruit & veggie “sushi” roll-ups are fun to make, and even more fun to eat! Whether you have adventurous or picky eaters, this is a great way to get them to try a little something new, along with something already familiar. Making this healthy snack together is fun for the whole family!

Animal Action Cards, Maine Wetlands Edition

Animal Action Cards are a fun and simple way to incorporate nature-based learning with movement. We’ve included 15 animals in this set of action cards – just a few of the many animals that you can find during spring in our Maine wetlands. We hope this activity also sparks an interest in exploring wetlands and learning more about these important habitats.

3 Ingredient Banana Popsicles

These banana popsicles are easy to make and require just three ingredients. They’re a fun, delicious, and healthy treat that kids of any age can make for themselves!

WinterKids Offering a FREE Spring Virtual Training for Preschool Teachers

Winter may be over, but outdoor learning happens in all seasons. WinterKids has launched a virtual training to go alongside our Preschool Guide to Outdoor Active Learning (GOAL) and for a limited time, teachers can get both the training and the GOAL binder for FREE.

Spring Fun Puzzles for Preschoolers

Print, laminate, and cut these 9 customizable spring recreation picture puzzles for preschoolers. In addition to the benefits of working on a puzzle, these can be great for vocabulary development and may spark an interest in getting outside!

WinterKids Spring Playlist: Music and Movement to Welcome and Appreciate the Season

Our WinterKids Spring Playlist includes music for moving, learning, and exploring throughout the spring season. This playlist is great for backyard play, dancing in the living room, road tripping, yoga, and more! Enjoy!

Tree Cookies: A Nature-Based Art Activity

In this nature-based art activity, students will learn more about trees, then choose something they love about winter in Maine and illustrate it on their tree cookie! 

Melting Snow & Ice Experiment

In this activity, students will conduct an experiment in order to find which solid melts the fastest: snow or ice. Many thanks to the 2nd Grade teachers at Helen Thompson School in West Gardiner, Maine for sharing this great activity guide during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

Snow Volcanoes!

In this activity, students make volcanoes with snow and a few other ingredients. While creating their volcanoes, they will explore the states of matter – including solids, liquids, and gasses! Thank you to the wonderful teams of teachers from: Glenburn Elementary in Glenburn, Maine, Bay Ridge Elementary in Cutler, Maine, and Dr. Levesque Elementary in Frenchville, Maine, that contributed to this activity during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

Orange Transportation Relay

Bring the story, An Orange in January, to life through a fun relay! This activity is a great way to encourage movement while strengthening the comprehension of the story. Thank you to the team of Kindergarten teachers at Edna Libby School in Standish, Maine for creating and sharing this activity with us during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

Outdoor Math Fun

These activities were designed for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade, as a fun way to review math concepts outdoors and incorporate movement into their learning. Thank you to the teachers at Glenburn Elementary for creating and sharing these two activities with us during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

12 Ideas for Outdoor Winter Fun

Studies show that getting outside helps children to be more positive, creative, and adaptable, and more importantly, has a strong potential to improve mental health in areas of general wellbeing, resilience, restoration, and cognition. We believe that the shorter, darker, winter days make getting outside more important than any other time of year. So what are you waiting for? If it’s cold where you are, bundle your children up, and give some of these ideas for outdoor winter fun a try!

Ice Orbs: An Outdoor Learning Activity

This activity was designed for students in early elementary. After learning about the Properties of Matter, students use balloons and colorful water to create ice orbs for an outdoor winter garden display. Thank you to the team of educators at Ash Point Community School in Owls Head, Maine who shared this activity with us during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

Snowflake Study: An Outdoor Science Activity

This activity was designed for students in 2nd grade. After researching and learning about snowflakes in the classroom, students head outside to catch snowflakes and study them with magnifying glasses. Created and shared by the amazing teachers at Ames Elementary School in Searsmont, Maine!

The Sugar is Right Game Show

Here is a fun, nutrition themed spin of the game The Price is Right, created and shared by the amazing teachers at HB Emery Jr. Memorial School in Limington, Maine!

Hockey Hockey Hippo: A Movement Based Game

This fun movement activity brings the classic board game Hungry Hungry Hippos to life! Thank you to the wonderful team of teachers at Edna Libby Elementary School in Standish, Maine for designing, implementing, and sharing this activity! We’ve also included a list of some of our favorite children’s literature books about hockey!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Go, Slow, Whoa Foods

This is a fun, movement-based extension activity for the Creating A Better Plate lesson from the WinterKids Guide to Active Outdoor Learning. Thank you to the wonderful team of teachers at Harrison Elementary School in Harrison, Maine who designed, implemented, and shared this activity!

Smoothie Challenge

This is a great activity for connecting a nutrition/healthy foods study to Common Core ELA Standards. Thank you to the wonderful team of teachers at Dr. Levesque Elementary in Frenchville, Maine who designed, implemented, and shared this activity during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

11 Outdoor Learning Activities that Celebrate Fall

The changing of the seasons each fall means incredible foliage, the return of snuggly sweaters, pumpkin-spiced everything, and best of all, an opportunity for children to spend time outside learning about all things Autumn! We’ve rounded up some fun ways you and your family can get outside this season to celebrate fall.

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Students, Teachers, and Families Impacted in Maine & New Hampshire since 2010!

WinterKids is the only nonprofit in Maine dedicated exclusively to increasing outdoor physical activity in children and families during our longest, most sedentary season.  

The shorter, darker, and colder days of winter and the increasing allure of screen time make it all too easy for kids and families to “hibernate.”  At WinterKids, we make it our business to provide kids, parents, and teachers with the right option: to get outside, get active, and have fun in the winter – and year-round.

Outdoor kids are active kids. Active kids are healthy kids. Healthy kids are happy kids. Happy kids are “winter kids.”



With outside being the safest and best place to be, WinterKids has truly thrived during the pandemic! We were able to reach nearly 27,000 kids, teachers and families in Maine and New Hampshire with creative adaptations for safe, outdoor adventures. Check out our 2020/2021 Season Wrap Up Report!

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We are so thankful for our WinterKids Family – sponsors, foundations, teams, friends, volunteers, board and staff – and most important, the KIDS we serve. 2020 was a fantastic year for our organization, reaching over 35,000 (!) kids, family members, and teachers with innovative, outdoor education programs.