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WinterKids is the only nonprofit in Maine dedicated exclusively to increasing outdoor physical activity in children and families during our longest, most sedentary season.

Students, Teachers and Families Impacted in Maine & New Hampshire since 2010!


We are continuing to follow the most recent recommendations and guidance from the State of Maine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in regard to COVID-19. Upcoming programs and events may be restructured, postponed, or canceled for the safety of our WinterKids families.


How We Make an Impact

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Our 5th Annual WinterKids Winter Games are coming from January 17-February 11, 2022, and they’re going to be bigger than ever!
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Find great deals on downhill skiing and riding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, ice skating, winter clothing, and equipment.

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Looking for ideas to increase physical activity in your classroom or home childcare? Register for our virtual training on the WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Active Learning binder!
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We took the very best of the WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Learning and added new elements and lessons. Preorder opening soon! Ready to ship by the end of October.


Our Areas of Impact


Outdoor Fun
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    Virtual Training for Pre-K Educators
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    WinterKids Winter Games (January/February)
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    Coming Soon: WinterKids Learn Outside Guide for Elementary Educators
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    Other Resources for Educators


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    The WinterKids App: Your Ticket to Outdoor Winter Fun!
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    WinterKids Family Days
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    Free, Easy to Implement Activities & Printables
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    The Mike and Barbara Peisner Nordic Fund


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    WinterKids Story Walk Available on Loan (All Season)
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    Kids Snowshoes Available on Loan (All Season)
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    Carnaval ME (Coming Soon!)
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    License to Chill Silent & Live Auction (November)
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    Downhill 24 at Sugarloaf Mountain (March)
We tried cross country skiing for the first time & we all liked it. Lots of fun & a great discount on kids rentals.
snowflake yellow
Heike Gondolfo, Scarborough
The WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Active Learning has brought so much to our school, not just in ways that keep the children physically active but also in ways to keep them engaged socially and emotionally. Many of the activities are geared to get the children working together and becoming a team, no winners, no losers...just kids having fun.
snowflake yellow
Penni Theriault
I am SO thankful for the impact this Winter Kids competition has on our kids. In this short time, the changes in attitudes, physical activity, even the helpfulness of students was very heart-warming.
snowflake dk blue
School Nurse
Piscataquis Community Elementary School
I had such great opportunities growing up to ski and snowboard in the Maine mountains, so I am glad to give back by reaching out to kids and encouraging them to get outside and participate in healthy winter sports. WinterKids creates those opportunities for kids.
snowflake dk blue
Seth Wescott
Two-time Olympic champion in the snowboard cross / Winterstick
I think the WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Active Learning binder is great!! There are so many things that can be done to help get kids moving, yet connect it back to many areas of education as well. ELC is an alternative school for students who just can't seem to work in a public school setting. We generally try to do activities that do get them outside and moving since the kids we work with tend to do better with hands on activities.
snowflake yellow
Stephanie Tyler
Early Learning Center, New Hampshire
Let's just say several parents told me their students were sleeping better at night and at school we've had much less behavior issues this week! Two very big positives for WinterKids Winter Games challenge week #2!!
snowflake dk blue
C. Ellis
Principal / Miles Lane Elementary
How do you combine a community, school, home, nutrition, exercise, team, kids, parents, teachers, school spirit, awareness, and fun? Participate in WinterKids Winter Games!! Seriously had no idea how amazing this would be and what our community was capable of! The support and Camaraderie is incredible. What a positive experience this has been for our kids and all the parents too!
snowflake yellow
Christina Barber
Kudos to you and this organization for mapping out such a wonderful program for Maine schools. I have been blown away by every aspect of this initiative.
snowflake dk blue
Christine Bertinet
Principal / Waterboro Elementary School
We love the family days for skiing, the cost savings allows us to ski more each winter.
snowflake lt blue
Because of this competition, my family is now rethinking our snack choices and making healthier ones, our kids and community have formed a wonderful bond coming together for one goal, and you managed to get a Mom, who hates winter and the cold, outside embracing the beauty of Maine having fun with her kids.
snowflake lt blue
Dayton Consolidated School Mom
We were able to ski affordably and wouldn't have gotten to do this without the app. We also tried ice skating for the first time.
snowflake dk blue
Celeste Emery, North Yarmouth
It has been inspirational to watch our community unite around a common purpose of healthy, active kids.
snowflake yellow
Sarah Maxwell
Assistant Principal / Waldo T. Skillen School
Being a parent and a WinterKids volunteer is a wonderful way to give back, but it also brings it full circle for me. My employer supports WinterKids and encourages my participation which makes it so easy to volunteer! Oh, and don't forget the WinterKids staff, they have FUN written all over them!
snowflake yellow
Erin Embrey
WinterKids Volunteer / TD Bank
WinterKids provides such an invaluable opportunity. I am forever grateful for their work ensuring that so many Maine kids have a chance to stay active and healthy through the winter.
snowflake lt blue
Ethan Strimling
Mayor / Portland, Maine
WinterKids provides an opportunity to directly impact kids so they develop a love for the outdoors and learn how to make good choices about food and lifestyle. That excites me!
snowflake lt blue
Derrick Hill
WinterKids Board President / Oldcastle Materials, Inc.
We loved our WinterKids materials. The kids had so much fun using the animal track tracker. We spent many afternoons looking for new animal prints.
snowflake dk blue
Toby Watt
Wee Care Daycare, New Hampshire
The kids were so excited to go outside and therefore were more engaged in the lesson. It was also a great way for me to get a quick check in on the where the kids were with these skills.
snowflake lt blue
Kate Moore
Brown Elementary, New Hampshire

Upcoming Events

Nov 2021
10 November 2021
19 November 2021
Portland House of Music, 25 Temple Street
Portland, Maine 04101 United States
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WinterKids License to Chill: 10 Year Anniversary

License to Chill is WinterKids’ favorite way to usher in the winter season. This year’s celebration will include both a virtual auction and a live auction at Portland House of Music with […]

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Jan 2022
09 January 2022
Bigrock Mountain, 37 Graves Road
Mars Hill, Maine 04758 United States
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WinterKids Family Day at Big Rock Mountain

Big Rock Mountain in Mars Hill is hosting a WinterKids Family Day on Sunday, January 9, 2022! Come on out and meet other WinterKids App Family Members for a fun […]

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WinterKids is offering a virtual training to go alongside the WinterKids Preschool Guide to Outdoor Active Learning, aligned to Maine Early Learning Development Standards with 8 weeks of study that include active, outdoor lessons for preschoolers.

Autumn Fun Puzzles for Preschoolers

Download, print, and cut these 8 autumn fun puzzles for preschoolers. In addition to the benefits of working on a puzzle, these can be great for vocabulary development and may spark an interest in getting outside!

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Students, Teachers, and Families Impacted in Maine & New Hampshire since 2010!

WinterKids is the only nonprofit in Maine dedicated exclusively to increasing outdoor physical activity in children and families during our longest, most sedentary season.  

The shorter, darker, and colder days of winter and the increasing allure of screen time make it all too easy for kids and families to “hibernate.”  At WinterKids, we make it our business to provide kids, parents, and teachers with the right option: to get outside, get active, and have fun in the winter – and year-round.

Outdoor kids are active kids. Active kids are healthy kids. Healthy kids are happy kids. Happy kids are “winter kids.”



With outside being the safest and best place to be, WinterKids has truly thrived during the pandemic! We were able to reach nearly 27,000 kids, teachers and families in Maine and New Hampshire with creative adaptations for safe, outdoor adventures. Check out our 2020/2021 Season Wrap Up Report!

annual report


We are so thankful for our WinterKids Family – sponsors, foundations, teams, friends, volunteers, board and staff – and most important, the KIDS we serve. 2020 was a fantastic year for our organization, reaching over 35,000 (!) kids, family members, and teachers with innovative, outdoor education programs.