Recycle for WinterKids with Clynk

clynk logotype 10 2018

Request Clynk bags and stickers, and we will mail them to you free of charge! Just place our sticker on each bag you fill with returnable bottles and cans and drop them to your local Hannaford store.

How it Works:

1) Request a Clynk Bag:

2) Bag It

CLYNK BagItIcon 400x400px

Fill your green CLYNK bag, with redeemable containers (limit 20 lbs.) Tie it tight.

3) Tag It

CLYNK TagItIcon 400x400px

Slap on the bag tag sticker you received, containing our personalized WinterKids barcode.

4) Drop It

CLYNK DropItIcon 400x400px

Bring it to your local Hannaford Supermarket and Clynk will take it from there!

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