Volunteer for WinterKids

We have nearly 100 volunteers annually, including students, professionals, retirees, winter enthusiasts, outdoor ambassadors, teachers, and more who help strengthen our programs, both in the community and at the office.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, including one-time and recurring, community service, and group projects. WinterKids welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities who are enthusiastic about keeping kids healthy by getting them outside and active in the winter and year-round.

“How can you pass up an opportunity to ski at night at the Loaf??! There is something magical about the mountain at night with all the lights on the trails! Even more, it is so inspirational to see all of those who have skied all night! Put this on your bucket list and help by volunteering at WinterKids!”



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“Whenever it is possible, I volunteer to help at Winterkids fundraising events! I’ve joined RAID 5k teams, Beach 2 Beacon team and a License to Chill event. I promote this program wherever I go! My twin sons learned how to snowboard at Sugarloaf and love it to this day because of this wonderful ever growing program! Get those kids outside for a lifetime of winter fun!”



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