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WinterKids has enjoyed many long-term partnerships, large and small, with corporate sponsors statewide. The benefits of sponsoring WinterKids are many—and we are always interested in creating custom packages that work best for your company!

How We Partner

A partnership goes both ways. Your support is critical to helping us advance our mission and reach far more kids and families than we ever could alone, but we also want it to provide value for you and your employees.

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Impact Support

Fund our WinterKids App, Learn Outside Guide & Virtual Training, WinterKids Winter Games, StoryWalk & Snowshoe Loan Program, Peisner Nordic Fund, or other initiatives to have a direct impact on kids’ early experiences, development, and physical and emotional health.

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Get involved in events (Mountain Mayhem, License to Chill, Welcome to Winter, Downhill 24), digital campaigns (WinterKids Fund, WinterKids App, Snowball Effect), or our dedicated WinterKids community by becoming a corporate sponsor.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Remove financial barriers and support increased outdoor activity to improve health outcomes in your community and preserve the natural heritage of Maine in winter.

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Employee Engagement

Rally your employees around a source of purpose and pride in your company by supporting an important event or program in the WinterKids community with teams or volunteers.

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Brand Awareness

Reach new audiences through partnership promotion on WinterKids’ website, social media, email marketing, and other assets.

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Cause Marketing

Align your product or service with the WinterKids mission for a feel-good benefit that increases customer engagement.

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