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For a limited time, we are offering this virtual training and accompanying WinterKids Preschool GOAL binder as a “pay what you can” kit. This means you can get it for free if you need it!

Sure, we know winter is over, but our Spring Forward! unit offers two full weeks of springtime activities. You’ll find plenty to keep your little ones moving AND learning with wind and rain art projects, stick math, planting seeds, mud play, worms, and more!

Register by April 30, and we will include a starter kit for an activity found in the Spring Forward! unit!

Pre K GOAL Training



Your resource for hands-on, winter-themed activities for indoors and out.

Designed by and for early childhood educators, the Preschool GOAL is easy to implement and provides eight weeks of active winter fun. Editions are available for Maine and New Hampshire, each aligned to state early learning standards.

I think the WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Active Learning binder is great!! There are so many things that can be done to help get kids moving, yet connect it back to many areas of education as well. ELC is an alternative school for students who just can't seem to work in a public school setting. We generally try to do activities that do get them outside and moving since the kids we work with tend to do better with hands on activities.
snowflake yellow
Stephanie Tyler
Early Learning Center, New Hampshire
We loved our WinterKids materials. The kids had so much fun using the animal track tracker. We spent many afternoons looking for new animal prints.
snowflake dk blue
Toby Watt
Wee Care Daycare, New Hampshire
Yesterday we collected some nature from our playground and made some ice catchers...the kids were so excited to see what they looked like this morning.
snowflake pink
Patti Henry
Day by Day Childcare, New Hampshire
The kids were so excited to go outside and therefore were more engaged in the lesson. It was also a great way for me to get a quick check in on the where the kids were with these skills.
snowflake lt blue
Kate Moore
The WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Active Learning has brought so much to our school, not just in ways that keep the children physically active but also in ways to keep them engaged socially and emotionally. Many of the activities are geared to get the children working together and becoming a team, no winners, no losers...just kids having fun.
snowflake yellow
Penni Theriault
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