Rangeley Lakes Regional School


Std Yellow WK Snowflake

Town: Rangeley
County: Franklin County
Grant funds distributed: $1,500
Children impacted: 120

Rangeley Lakes Regional School was so pleased to receive the Downhill 24 Outdoor Fund grant for this year. We used the funds to help support our students get outside in fun and motivating ways.

We had the privilege of working with a local contractor to make toboggans from scratch! Our students in K-12 helped shape the boards, stain the boards, sand the boards, screw the boards together and so much more!

When it came to using the toboggans we found that cushions were needed, so thanks to the Outdoor Fund we were able to purchase cushions as well as some extra snow gear for students in need.

These toboggans with the wonderful cushions taught our students about the history of toboggans, how fun and useful they can be and how team work goes a long way. Multiple people could ride on them together and multiple people were needed to get them back up the hill.

We also used some of the funds to purchase a few sleds and some healthy food so we could enjoy snack time outside, thus enjoying the winter fun and fresh air longer!

Winter Kids is an amazing organization. Our community would not be the same without its amazing programs and funding to support us. Thank you for all the amazing work you put into getting kids outside! The smiles and memories make it all worth while.

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