Coming Soon! WinterKids Learn Outside Guide for Elementary Teachers

Our Learn Outside Guide makes it easy for elementary teachers to integrate fun, outdoor activity into their winter lessons– all while meeting education standards.

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We took the very best of the WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Learning and added new elements and lessons.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low barrier enrichment lesson plans
  • Each lesson includes an outdoor activity to reinforce the featured academic subject
  • Enhances student and teacher wellness
  • Assessments, stretches, games, and more
Preorder now! Ready to ship by the end of October.



Get Started! Section: Offering guidance on the nuts and bolts of outdoor education, including what to bring to ensure success, and 6 new “starter lessons” written for the 3 grade spans and aligned to Common Core Standards.



FunFlakes (K-2) Create human snowflakes (Funflakes) outdoors, then draw the                  Funflake once back in the classroom.

Four Seasons (3-5) Students will take an outdoor hike, stopping along the way to choose scenes to recreate back in the classrooms. Kids will use their imagination to draw the same scene in all seasons.

Still Life Snow People (3-5) Students will work in small groups to build a snow person. Back in the classroom, students will create a 2 dimensional sketch of their snow person.

Birds Eye View (6-8) Students will work in teams to build a snow person, then draw a bird’s eye view of their sculpture.


Details Matter (K-2)  The class will bundle up and embark on a brisk walk, with observation/discussion stops at points of interest along the way. The teacher will record the students’ observations and actions. Back inside, students will describe their observations.

Jump Up, Scrunch Down  (K-2) Students will use body movements to demonstrate their ability to identify nouns, and verbs, or verb tenses, or adjectives and adverbs, in response to a paragraph read aloud by the teacher.

Let’s Discuss It (3-5)  Students will enjoy a brisk walk outdoors, stopping along the way to find interesting subjects to use for practice and demonstration of their discussion skills.

Express Yourself (6-8) In this outdoor activity, your students will participate in two activities demonstrating their understanding of synonyms and antonyms, and then discuss the merits and challenges of each activity.


Measure Me! (K-2)  Students explore the attributes of measurement by reading and comparing measurements. In the first activity, students will guess their height in inches and then will go outside to determine their actual heights using snow angels. In the second activity, the students become units of measurement and learn to determine the difference between two measurements. 

Bases and Baskets (3-5)    Students will demonstrate their multiplication and division skills while involved in outdoor base running and ball throwing activities.

Plotting New Heights (6-8)  This lesson explores the speed of various forms of winter transportation. Students will participate in several different kinds of winter transportation (including but not limited to snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and walking) and calculate the speed of each.


Life is Wild (K-2)  During an outdoor walk, students will be engaged in discussions about the diversity of animal habitats, what plants and animals need, animal adaptations to cold weather, and man’s mimicry of those adaptations. Students will then play a running game to demonstrate what they have learned.

 Move It! (K-2)  The students will push and pull objects (of various shapes, weights, and textures) across both first a smooth and then a snowy surface.


  Exploring Geography (K-2) Students will explore and discuss geographic features, and their impact on people. They will demonstrate an understanding that geography includes the study of Earth’s physical features and gain an understanding of the influence of geography on individuals and their immediate surroundings by identifying the impacts of geographic features on individuals and families.

Natural Resources (K-2) Students will explore the outdoors, identify natural resources, and discuss the wants and needs that those natural resources provide for them.

Revolution Relay (6-8) Students will run a relay race to construct a timeline of the American Revolution.


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