10th Annual Downhill 24 Podcast-Ep 7: Competition

10th Annual Downhill 24 Podcast-Ep 7: Competition

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Episode Seven: Competition

Hosts: Julie Mulkern, Executive Director, WinterKids; and Mary-Theresa Tringale, Events & Sponsorships Manager, WinterKids

Guests: Travis Steward, Team It’s All Downhill from Here, Owner, Patra Company; Dean Gilbert, Team Captain Fairway/Schaeffer Douglass; and, Brandon Cummings, Team Captain, It’s All Downhill from Here


In this fun episode you hear from some of the most competitive participants in the Downhill 24. These participants up the ante when it comes to competition and FUN. From creative promotional videos to raising more funds to sandbag the fundraising at the last minute to inching out the competition to be a top fundraiser, this episode explores how you can be competitive and have fun.

Listen to learn:

  • Why bringing your own brand of competition to the Downhill 24 is so much FUN
  • How to rally the troops to garner more donors
  • How to bring #d24smacktalk to a whole new level
  • Why the Downhill 24 is unlike any other event

To learn more and join us at the 10th annual Downhill24 event visit www.d24.org. Questions about the Downhill 24? Email Downhill24@winterkids.org.

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