Ann & Jess Carter Talk About Why Carters XC Ski Supports WinterKids

Ann & Jess Carter Talk About Why Carters XC Ski Supports WinterKids

If Carters XC Ski Center, in Bethel, Maine isn’t already on your list of places to get outside this winter, we bet it will be after you watch this video!

Ann & Jess Carter are just as passionate about getting kids outside as we are, and we’re proud to call them a partner! Be sure to check out their most current deal in the WinterKids App, and they will be so happy to welcome you for a fun day on the snow.

“Hi there, this is Jess Carter,”

“and I’m Anne Carter,”

“and we are a mother-daughter team here at Carter’s Cross Country. We wanted to make this video today to tell you about how we support WinterKids. And one thing that I think really stands out in my mind, is that when I was a young kid at our Oxford location, I remember having these Bill Koch ski events races, and all kinds of kids coming from all over the state of Maine and New England to our ski center. Also, when I was growing up, we used to have a lot of after-school ski programs, where we would get on the bus, and we would come to our Carter’s location in Oxford and there would be hundreds of kids out skiing on our trails…(literally hundreds!)…and we would do rentals, and provide a group lesson, and it was just so exciting to get kids out on skis, which then meant that they were right ready to maybe go on to a ski team in junior high or high school. And today, we’re excited to see all the families coming over to our center! Just last week, for example, we had a great family! We put her little daughter, who was about almost three years old, on our old wooden skis and leather boots, and it was just great!

So, I think the reason why we support WinterKids is that we really want to see families getting outside, and we really want to see kids getting on skis at an early age so that they learn those routines early on. So thank you very much for being a part of this, and we hope that you will join us too. And get your winter kids passport (aka the App)!

Thank you!”

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