Book of the Month: Keep Them Busy & Curious as We Transition from Winter to Spring

Book of the Month: Keep Them Busy & Curious as We Transition from Winter to Spring

Our March books of the month will keep your kids busy and curious as we transition out of winter and into…spring!

Fort Building Time

by Megan Wagner Lloyd, Pictures by Abigail Halpin

Fort Building Time WinterKids Book of the Month 2020

You’ll want to jump right into the pages of this colorful and whimsical book! Fort Building Time follows a group of kids who create wonderful and welcoming forts throughout the seasons, often using whatever natural materials that season provides. From an icy igloo fort to a leafy brush hut, to a simple cloth tent supported by a string and trees, the story and illustrations highlight the joys and opportunities each season brings, and show us that EVERY season can be a fort building time! 

We love that this book shares a glimpse into the magical world of childhood… that is fostered through outdoor, active, screen-free, creative and collaborative play! Added bonus: many of the illustrations, by Abigail Halpin, are inspired by our New England landscape! 

Best for ages 3 to 7

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Written and Illustrated by Kenard Pak

Goodbye Winter Hello Spring WinterKids Book of the Month March 2020

Kenard Pak has added another book to his collection! In his newest, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, a child and his pup go out for an evening winter walk. As they walk, the child greets what he sees along the way… snow, a frozen pond, trees, footprints. Everything responds back with a hello, and describes what they are currently experiencing in the winter season. The following day, the pair heads back out for a walk and witness the revitalizing shift from winter to spring. They greet the colorful nature and waking animals who respond with a hello, and share in the excitement of the signs of spring. We love that this story inspires us to get outside, slow down, and be observant of the natural world around us.

Best for ages 4 to 8

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