Learning to Measure by Measuring Snow Sport Gear

Learning to Measure by Measuring Snow Sport Gear


Here is a simple activity for kids as you are gearing up for the new season and taking inventory for upcoming snow adventures. This is a great opportunity for kids to familiarize themselves with snow sports gear while working on their measuring skills.


  • Yarn & scissors
  • Various measuring tools (We used: a ruler, measuring tape, seamstress tape)
  • Various types of snow sports gear (We used: snowshoes, snow skis, ski poles, a snowboard, gloves)
Measuring Snow Sport Gear Supplies WinterKids


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How To:



Measure your child with yarn, and cut the yarn to their height. They now have a unique unit of measurement to use while measuring the snow gear.

Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 1 rev WinterKids

Lay Everything Out

Set out various snow sport gear items.

Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 2 WinterKids

Show Them

Show them how to use their child-sized yarn to measure an item and find something that is their same height.


Let Them Try

Invite them to use their yarn to measure a variety of snow sport gear.

Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 3 4 WinterKids

Try New Tools

When they’re ready, ask them to select other measuring tools and show them (or review) how to use them properly.

Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 5 WinterKids
Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 6 1 WinterKids

Measure More Gear

Encourage your children to measure more of the gear and have fun as they explore it!

Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 6 3 WinterKids
Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 6 2 WinterKids

Get Outside!

Grab some gear, head outside and get creative!

Measure parts of your yard with gear, or your child’s yarn. For example, your walkway may be 10 snowshoes long, or a fence might be “as tall as me”!


Check In

Check in with your children to see if they have any questions about the snow gear and discuss.

Our WinterKids were very curious about the ski bindings and boots in comparison to the snowboard bindings and boots.


Invite your WinterKids to draw their own designs for skis, snowboards, or snowshoes!

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