2nd Annual Mountain Mayhem Results & Photos

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Sponsors & Partners

Dear Mayhem Makers,

To those experiencing a WinterKids event for the first time, thank you for trusting us with your day. We hope that the spirit of Mayhem has sparked a passion for our mission that will endure for years to come. And to our returning participants, your ongoing support and enthusiasm are the bedrock of our success. Your presence and energy at the Mayhem meant the world to us.

What a day it was! From the energizing beats that reverberated throughout the day to the adrenaline-fueled journeys up and down the mountain, not to mention the refreshing Orono Brewing beverages, every moment was a testament to the power of community and shared passion. Witnessing athletes push themselves to new heights, lap after lap, for a solid 12 hours was nothing short of inspiring.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our sponsors and volunteers. Your generosity and dedication breathed life into every aspect of the event, ensuring its success beyond our wildest dreams. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

In closing, the 2nd Annual Mountain Mayhem has set a high bar for what’s to come. Let’s carry this momentum forward as we look ahead to even greater adventures and achievements together.

Thank you for braving the rain and making the event a success!!

Thank you,
Sterlynn Marx
WinterKids Events & Sponsorships Manager

Where the Money Goes

Your generous contributions have raised a significant amount of money to be used to promote children’s health and wellness. So, where exactly will this funding go? Let us break it down for you:

Expanding Access: We believe every child should have equal opportunities when it comes to outdoor winter activities. With your donations, we’ll be able to provide grants, financial assistance, and scholarships so that more kids can participate in our programs regardless of their economic background.

Program Development: Our team constantly adapts and improves our innovative initiatives to keep kids active during the colder months. The funds raised from WinterKids Mountain Mayhem will fuel research, development, and implementation of WinterKids programs like the WinterKids App, the WinterKids Learn Outside Guide, and a full calendar of events designed to improve physical fitness among children across Maine.

Outreach Efforts: We must spread awareness about the importance of staying active during winter while having fun! Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to expand our outreach efforts by organizing community events like WinterKids Welcome to Winter and the WinterKids Winter Games, focused on educating schools, families, and communities about how they can encourage healthy habits throughout all seasons.

Secondary Event Beneficiaries

We take great pride in our commitment to supporting the local community of the Mt. Abram region through the WinterKids Mountain Mayhem event.

As part of this initiative, we are honored to contribute to the growth and success of three organizations in Greenwood and nearby Bethel as secondary beneficiaries: Friends of Mt. Abram, Inland Woods + Trails, and Mt. Abram Ski Club.

Each of these organizations received $1,500 to enhance their programs, which are each vital in encouraging Maine children to embrace outdoor activities and stay active throughout the season.

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event results

Winner’s Circle

Trailblazer Award

Dad Bods

Team “Dad Bods” took our top honor, with a top combined score and time on the mountain!

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1137

Most Trail Run Laps

Alexander Urquhart
Team: Your best?

Alexander ran an incredible 11 laps over the course of 12 hours!

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1070

Most uphill bike Laps

Charles Custer & Eric Haskell (TIE)
Teams: Charlie Went Outside and Ladies of Titcomb 2 

Charles and Eric each rode an incredible 24 laps, 100% human-powered!

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1097


Tom Hambrick
Team: Acadia Insurance 

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1123

David LeBlanc
Team: Acadia Insurance 

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1116

Jeremy Urquhart
Team: Your bescht?

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1112


Jeremy Alas 
Team: Acadia Insurance

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1062

most team spirit

Team: Ladies of Titcomb

Mountain Mayhem FY25 Julia Peet Photography DSC 1046

Photo Gallery

All photos below are courtesy of our official 2nd Annual Mountain Mayhem event photographer, Julia Peet.

Mountain Mayhem Sponsors FY25
733 1100 WinterKids

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