Animal Action Cards, Maine Wetlands Edition

Animal Action Cards, Maine Wetlands Edition


Animal Action Cards are a fun and simple way to incorporate nature-based learning with movement. We’ve included 15 animals in this set of action cards – just a few of the many animals that you can find during spring in our Maine wetlands. We hope this activity also sparks an interest in exploring wetlands and learning more about these important habitats.


Prep: Print, laminate and cut Animal Action Cards.

Procedure: This activity can be done outdoors! Together, read a book about wetlands. Review each Animal Action Card – identify the animal and discuss how it moves in the wetlands. Then, get ready to move! Give the children plenty of space to move around. Read each cards’ “animal action” aloud and hold each card up for the children to see. Afterwards, the cards can be set out for children to use on their own.

Vocabulary: wetlands, animal names, movement words

Materials: Animal Action Cards, Maine Wetlands Edition (download for free here)
laminator (optional), scissors, and books about wetlands! Here are some of our favorites:


Download, print, and cut these 15 animal action cards. Optionally, laminate them before cutting for even more durability.

Animal Action Cards Printable Preview

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