Book of the Month: Inspire Their Curiosity for Healthy Eating and Playing in Nature!

Book of the Month: Inspire Their Curiosity for Healthy Eating and Playing in Nature!

Kids’ Book of the Month

Kids Book of the Month Summer supper

Summer Supper

Written by Rubin Pfeffer, Pictures by Mike Austin

Summer Supper is a fun and joyful story of a farm-to-fork community meal that is told entirely with words beginning with the letter “s”! It may even inspire your family to enjoy more dinners outside and soak up these summer evenings before they’re gone!

Why our WinterKids love this book:

“I like this book because they go to the farmers market! They share and they help each other… I also like that they dance and sing after dinner.”

-Winter Kid, Age 4

Parents’ Book of the Month

Parents Book of the Month Nature Play at Home

Nature Play at Home: Creating Outdoor Spaces That Connect Children With the Natural World

Written by Nancy Striniste

Nature Play at Home is a guide for creating a natural play space area in your yard, in your community, or in a school. It is full of resources that share why it’s so important for children to play outdoors and how to create natural play spaces close to home that invite children to grow physically and mentally while connecting with nature.

Chapters inside Nature Play at Home:

  • Introduction
  • Arranging Spaces
  • Awakening Senses
  • Challenging Bodies
  • Inviting Nature
  • Inspiring Imagination
  • Building Confidence
  • Creating Comfort
  • Taking Action

We hope this book will help inspire more natural outdoor play spaces in our community! 

Other books we’re enjoying this month: 

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