Farm-to-Fork Fun!

Farm-to-Fork Fun!

Dramatic Play: Summer Market & Making Succotash

An outdoor, dramatic play activity inspired by the book Summer Supper!

After reading the story, children are invited to head to the farmers’ market to buy ingredients and make their own farm-to-fork dish! Succotash recipe card and farmer’s market shopping list downloads are provided in this blog post!

Designed for:

Preschool-aged children

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  • Baskets
  • Variety of play fruit + veggies
  • Specific play food needed: corn, green beans/ lima beans, tomatoes, onion
  • Play farmers market space
  • Play kitchen space
  • Aprons
  • Small shopping bags/ baskets
  • Cash register
  • Play money
  • Measuring cups (just 1 size needed: 1 cup)
  • Chalkboard, paper, crayon, and tape

TIP: If you find you don’t have something on the supply list, get creative! This is all about having fun with what you have. Should you wish to buy something new, we were able to find most of our supplies at low prices on Amazon!

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How to:

STEP 1: Read Summer Supper together

STEP 2: Set up farmers market + play kitchen

Include your children in the setup process. No farmers market stand / play kitchen needed… invite your children to help get creative and set up a stand and cooking area with what you already have. Invite them to help make signs with prices and names of produce. While you’re setting up, review the names of the produce provided.

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STEP 3: Introduce our succotash recipe and shopping list

(see downloads above)

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STEP 4: PLAY! Farmers Market

  • Model / role-play how to purchase items at a farmers market
  • Assign roles of farmer and customers
  • Give customers copies of our shopping list and a basket
  • Once they’ve purchased their produce, invite your children to head to their kitchen and start their succotash!

STEP 5: PLAY! Making Succotash

  • Let them explore making succotash with the recipe card and materials provided.
  • Be sure to provide a 1 C. measuring cup!
  • Ask children to make the succotash with the amount of ingredients listed on the recipe card

Invite them to move forward in whatever imaginative way they’d like… set a table and serve up their succotash… work on another farm-to-fork recipe… clean up their kitchen… have fun!

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