Outdoor Math Fun

Outdoor Math Fun

Thank you to the teachers at Glenburn Elementary for creating and sharing these two activities with us during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

Lesson Summary

These activities were designed for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade, as a fun way to review math concepts outdoors and incorporate movement into their learning.

Glenburn Hidden Number 02

Printable Guide & Materials

Download all materials in a .ZIP file format:

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Download each of the materials individually as needed.

WinterKids Outdoor Math Fun Printable Preview

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WinterKids is the only nonprofit in Maine dedicated exclusively to increasing outdoor physical activity in children and families during our longest, most sedentary season.  

The shorter, darker, and colder days of winter and the increasing allure of screen time make it all too easy for kids and families to “hibernate.”  At WinterKids, we make it our business to provide kids, parents, and teachers with the right option: to get outside, get active, and have fun in the winter – and year-round.

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With outside being the safest and best place to be, WinterKids has truly thrived during the pandemic! We were able to reach nearly 27,000 kids, teachers and families in Maine and New Hampshire with creative adaptations for safe, outdoor adventures. Check out our 2020/2021 Season Wrap Up Report!

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We are so thankful for our WinterKids Family – sponsors, foundations, teams, friends, volunteers, board and staff – and most important, the KIDS we serve. 2020 was a fantastic year for our organization, reaching over 35,000 (!) kids, family members, and teachers with innovative, outdoor education programs.