Smoothie Challenge

Smoothie Challenge

This is a great activity for connecting a nutrition/healthy foods study to Common Core ELA Standards. Thank you to the wonderful team of teachers at Dr. Levesque Elementary in Frenchville, Maine who designed, implemented, and shared this activity during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games!

Modification for COVID safety precautions: Connect this activity to what is being studied in the classroom and send this activity home for learners to do with their grown-ups/home community.

Lesson Summary

Students will work as a team to identify healthy options to create a simple smoothie-popsicle recipe. Students will collaborate to make and present their recipe and smoothie popsicle sample to judges who will check to make sure ingredients are nutritionally sound, and listed on an ingredients poster. A fun taste test will follow!

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This activity was inspired by the following lessons in our Guide to Active Outdoor Learning (GOAL):

  • “Blizzard Snack” in the Healthy Me! Section, page 75 (Preschool Edition)
  • “Breakfast Counts!” 3.15 – 3.17, in the Health section (Grades 6-8)


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