Summer Fun Puzzles for Preschoolers

Summer Fun Puzzles for Preschoolers

A summer version of the WinterKids GOAL Maine Preschool Edition: Manipulatives: Winter Fun Puzzles, page 62

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Move, learn and explore with us!

Print, laminate, and cut these 11 customizable summer recreation picture puzzles for preschoolers. In addition to the benefits of working on a puzzle, these can be great for vocabulary development and may spark an interest in a new outdoor sport!


Manipulatives: Summer Fun Puzzles

MELDS: Physical Development and Health

Procedure: Children will put together picture puzzles of summer recreation activities.

Vocabulary: swim/ swimming, jump/ jumping, sail/ sailing, canoe/ canoeing, camp/ camping, hike/ hiking, paddleboard/ paddleboarding, camping, hiking, surfing, kayaking, biking, roller skating


  • Summer rec/sport pictures (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Children’s literature about summer recreation activities or sports (see suggestions below)
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Printables & Instructions

We’ve put together 11 summer fun pictures for you to choose from. Just download, print and cut into puzzle pieces!

Summer Puzzles Printable Preview

Puzzle piece suggestions for ages 3 to 5:

  • Diagonal pieces
  • Horizontal pieces
  • Vertical pieces
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Diagonal Pieces
x Summer Fun Puzzles WinterKids IMG 9787
Horizontal Pieces

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Vertical Pieces
Jabari Jumps
Sadie Braves the Wilderness

Wonderful Books to Incorporate:

  • Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall
  • Sadie Braves the Wilderness by Yvonne Pearson and Karen Ritz
  • The Big Waves by Raewyn Caisley
  • The Hike by Alison Farrell
  • Books about bikes (Find them on our blog right over here.)

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