10th Annual Downhill 24 Podcast-Ep 3: Where Does All the Money Go? (Part 2: The WinterKids App)

10th Annual Downhill 24 Podcast-Ep 3: Where Does All the Money Go? (Part 2: The WinterKids App)

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Episode Three: Where Does All the Money Go? Part 2: The WinterKids App

Hosts: Julie Mulkern, Executive Director, WinterKids; and Mary-Theresa Tringale, Events & Sponsorships Manager, WinterKids

Guests: Josh Harrington, Family Programs & Outreach Manager, WinterKids; Steph Lindsay, WinterKids Board Member, Marketing Committee Chair, Owner, Green Head Lobster; and, Jason Leveille, WinterKids Board Member, App Committee Chair, Software Developer


Most people know WinterKids for its premiere program, the WinterKids Passport, and there are over 150,000 alumni statewide who “did WinterKids” through the Passport program. Thanks to the enormous success of the Downhill 24, WinterKids was able to build a native, state-of-the-art app platform to replace the paper Passport booklet. Now, The WinterKids App offers a more accessible, environmentally friendly way to connect more families to outdoor winter sports opportunities than ever before. This episode discusses that evolution and the importance of the App for the future of the organization and the winter sports industry.

Listen to learn:

  • What the WinterKids App is and how it is helping more kids in Maine (and beyond) than ever before
  • How the App is not only an essential tool for families in the winter, but also for the industries that encourage family participation in the winter 
  • How expanding the App beyond Maine will help WinterKids keep its focus primarily on Maine kids

To learn more and join us at the 10th annual Downhill24 event visit www.d24.org. Questions about the Downhill 24? Email Downhill24@winterkids.org.

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