Governor Janet Mills’ Message to WinterKids Winter Games 2021 Participants

Governor Janet Mills’ Message to WinterKids Winter Games 2021 Participants

We are honored to share this special message from Governor Janet Mills to WinterKids Winter Games 2021 Participants!

Hello Maine students! This is Governor Janet Mills. As someone who grew up in rural western Maine and a friend of one of your big supporters, Seth Wescott, a tremendous winter athlete himself, and an inspiration to all of us, I appreciate how important winter activities are to keeping us healthy throughout the year.

I’m excited to send my best wishes to you as participants in the fourth annual WinterKids Winter Games. With 6,000 students and 300 teachers with preschool through 8th grade participating, this month-long program, which focuses on outdoor physical activities and nutrition is a wonderful way to keep you and your families active and healthy in all of Maine’s 16 counties, from Frenchville to Kittery, from Jonesport to Rangeley, and many communities in between, you’re showing the best that Maine winter has to offer.

Outdoors is the safest place to play these days, and I thank you all for practicing socially distant winter activities with your classmates and families. The Winter Games is an excellent way to showcase the resilience of young people, and how warm and welcoming our state is year-round even in the cold months of January and February.

Thank you to WinterKids, as well as the many sponsors and partners who work together to make this happen each year. And you, the kids, teachers, and families participating get outside be active, and most important have fun!

For those of you who missed the Winter Games, our fun (and easy to use) PLAYbook is designed to be a tool for kids to Move, Learn, and Explore, all winter long!

As of 2/8/21, we still have a limited supply of printed copies available, but this is subject to change. If you’d like some for your classroom or family, head over to and fill out the info request form on that page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to let you know whether we can get them out to you.

The full PLAYbook is also available to download and print (FREE), along with a huge library of supplemental resources on our website at

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