Hockey Hockey Hippo: A Movement Based Game

Hockey Hockey Hippo: A Movement Based Game

This fun movement activity brings the classic board game Hungry Hungry Hippos to life! Thank you to the wonderful team of teachers at Edna Libby Elementary School in Standish, Maine for designing, implementing, and sharing this activity during the 2020 WinterKids Winter Games! We’ve also included a list of some of our favorite children’s literature books about hockey!

Lesson Summary

This game is played with four teams of four kids, one team in each corner of the space, and a large pile of soft objects in the middle of the space as “ice cubes”. One player is the “rider” and lays on their belly on the scooter board and holds the floor hockey stick. One player is the “driver” and holds the feet of the rider to drive them toward the ice cubes. The other two players are the “stackers and mathematicians” and are responsible for gathering the ice cubes as quickly as possible and stacking them inside the hula hoops. They will tally the total at the end of the round. Several rounds can be played as time allows.

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