Exploring the outdoors is a fun learning experience for kids of all ages. This activity will encourage children to observe the world around them by looking for natural items and collecting them in a unique and reusable container. Enjoy getting outdoors in every season, while enhancing your child’s powers of observation with this Spring Scavenger Hunt activity, straight from the pages of the WinterKids Guide to Active Outdoor Learning, Preschool Edition (Spring Forward, Week 1).

Step 1: Find an Egg Carton

To get started, search through your recycling bin and find an empty egg carton. Can’t find one? An empty muffin tin will work too!

Step 2: Download and Print Our Pre-Designed Labels


Choose from one of our templates of items to search for, or create your own to suit your surroundings. We’ve included a guide for inside the egg carton cover and a creative image for the outside of your child’s “treasure box” to make it extra special.

Step 3: Attach Labels to Your Egg Carton (or Muffin Tin)

Cut out the template you’ll be using, then follow the instructions included on the templates to glue or tape them to your egg carton.

Cutting Out Nature Treasure Hunt Template
Taping Nature Treasure Hunt Template

If you’re using a muffin tin, simply cut the squares out of the guide you decide to use and attach inside each cup.

Labels in muffin tin

Step 4: Start Hunting!

All of the examples below are included in our downloadable & printable label templates!

Hunt for a Variety of Natural Objects:

Object Hunt Closed up
Object Hunt Example

Hunt for Natural Objects in a Rainbow of Colors:

Color Hunt Example

Hunt for Shapes & Textures:

Shape Texture Hunt Example

Fill in the Blanks to Create Your Own Nature Hunt:

Create Your Own Nature Hunt

Get creative! Here are some fun adaptations to get you started:

  • Make a themed edition-Items from the beach, items from woods
  • Botany edition-parts of a plant-stem, petal, root, leaf
  • Things that have different smells & tastes

Supplemental Reading:

Tiny Perfect Things Cover

We love this children’s book to further your children’s interest in nature treasure hunts: Tiny Perfect Things by M.H. Clark & Madeline Kloepper.

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