Join WinterKids in Thinking “Outside the Building” This Winter!

Join WinterKids in Thinking “Outside the Building” This Winter!

WinterKids has always thought “outside of the building,” and this year is no different. With educators, parents, and superintendents taking steps to allow kids to learn in safe, fresh air settings in the midst of the pandemic, WinterKids is more timely than ever. In Maine, we have an even greater opportunity to access outdoor spaces in schools – with the abundance of land available to use statewide.

Winter Games Coming January 2021

Our Winter Games will allow for the participation of all kids, whether they are receiving in-person education or learning at home. Embracing outdoor learning helps to avoid the pitfalls of online learning and the negative effects of excessive screen time – particularly those in elementary school. We will provide resources for both teachers and parents to get their kids outside and active. This year’s weekly challenges (outdoor physical activity, nutrition, family engagement, and winter carnival) will align with themes of resilience, inclusion, community, and service.

The WinterKids App will feature a variety of winter sports and other creative outdoor events for families in Maine and New Hampshire. All told, the App will offer hundreds of free and discounted outdoor opportunities for kids and families to be safe, healthy, and fit this winter – together in the outdoors.

App Memberships Coming Nov 15

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WinterKids Fund Social Media Toolkit 2020

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