Think Your Kids Are Too Young to Talk About Race? Think Again.

Think Your Kids Are Too Young to Talk About Race? Think Again.

If you’re concerned that your kids are too young to talk about race, you’re not alone. It can feel daunting to talk about race, gender, and class with children, but the truth is, your kids are paying attention, and if you don’t talk about it now, they can, and will, draw their own conclusions.

Ultimately, as parents and educators, we are responsible for teaching and modeling love, inclusion, and kindness, and opening the door to this conversation is an important first step.

This infographic shares compelling information to encourage you to start the conversation now:

Why Talk About Race With Your Kids Infographic by Pretty Good Design

Design Credit:, adapted from an infographic originally designed by The Children’s Community School, and based in part on information/ideas from Jillian Adler at First Up, Lori Riddick at Raising Race Conscious Children, and kirin nigam at AORTA.

Resources to Help You Discuss Race With Your Children

There is a literal sea of information out there, and we encourage you to do your own research, but here are are some resources to help get you started:

1200 800 WinterKids
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