Outdoor Learning Activities that Celebrate Fall WinterKids2
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11 Outdoor Learning Activities that Celebrate Fall

The changing of the seasons each fall means incredible foliage, the return of snuggly sweaters, pumpkin-spiced everything, and best of all, an opportunity for children to spend time outside learning about all things Autumn! We’ve rounded up some fun ways you and your family can get outside this season to celebrate fall.

x Summer Fun Puzzles WinterKids IMG 9775
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Summer Fun Puzzles for Preschoolers

Print, laminate, and cut these 11 customizable summer recreation picture puzzles for preschoolers. In addition to the benefits of working on a puzzle, these can be great for vocabulary development and may spark an interest in a new outdoor sport!

Swimming Animals Activity WinterKids IMG 7565
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Stories & Sensory Tables: Swimming Animals

This swimming animals themed sensory play provides an opportunity for children to work on their fine motor skills, creativity, social skills and literacy skills, as children retell a story and bring it to life using items at the table!

Water Ice Games to Stay Cool
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15 Ways to Incorporate Water & Ice into Active Outdoor Play & Stay Cool This Summer

The heat is on this summer, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to stay cooped up near the air conditioner! We’ve pulled together 15 ways you can incorporate water and…

WinterKids Summer Playlist to Inspire Movement
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WinterKids Summer Playlist: Music and Movement to Brighten Up Your Summer

Looking for something new to liven up these long summer days? We’ve put together a summer playlist with 52 songs that will help inspire your kids to move, learn and…

Nature Play Active Outdoor Learning
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11 Nature Play Ideas to Inspire Active Outdoor Learning this Summer

Connecting to nature can restore our sense of wellbeing. For children, this connection is best made through play – whether outdoors in nature or indoors with natural elements. That’s why…

Water Science and Ice Cube Painting WinterKids 2934
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Move, Learn & Explore with WinterKids: The Water Cycle + Ice Cube Painting

It’s the perfect time of year to learn about the water cycle and explore ice! This fun and refreshing activity is great for a warm summer day. In this activity, children will develop an understanding of the water cycle as they sing and move along to a song, read stories, and observe water changing from a liquid to a solid, and from a solid back to a liquid. These ideas can be adapted and used in a home setting or classroom setting.

Stories Sensory Tables Exploring Sand Sandcastles WinterKids
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Stories & Sensory Tables: Exploring Sand + Sandcastles

Studies show that sensory table play can be calming, and provide an opportunity for children to work on their fine motor skills, creativity, and social skills- if they are playing at the sensory table with another child. In addition to these, sensory tables can also help develop literacy skills as children retell a story and bring it to life using items at the table! They are great for both home and classroom learning environments!

Dramatic Play Bike Shop WinterKids 08
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Dramatic Play: Bike Shop

Step aside, lemonade stand! Enter: bike shop! This activity can provide hours of creative and imaginative fun, while also fostering a love for bikes! Here you will find fantastic children’s books about bikes, steps and resources for creating your own dramatic play bike shop, and our favorite children’s songs about biking. Move, learn and explore!

Object Hunt Example
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How to Create Fun Nature Treasure Hunts Using Egg Cartons

Exploring the outdoors is a fun learning experience for kids of all ages. This activity will encourage children to observe the world around them by looking for natural items and collecting them in a unique and reusable container. Enjoy getting outdoors in every season, while enhancing your child’s powers of observation with this Spring Scavenger Hunt activity, straight from the pages of the WinterKids Guide to Active Outdoor Learning.

Spring Yoga for Kids WinterKids Blog featured image
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MOVE. LEARN. EXPLORE. with WinterKids: Spring Yoga Stories, for Preschoolers

With playgrounds, gymnastics, swimming pools, sports teams, and more currently closed for our safety, we’re having to find other ways to keep our children moving and active. Yoga can be a great option for all ages and levels! No gear is needed, it can be practiced in a small space, or outdoors, solo, or together.

BIRDS for Preschool and Early Elementary WinterKids Blog1
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LEARN, EXPLORE, and MOVE with us! These ideas can be adapted and used in a home setting or classroom setting. Follow along for our book recommendations, fantastic resources for learning more about birds, a simple binoculars craft for backyard bird watching, bird-themed Simon Says, songs about birds, and even bird-themed yoga!

DIY Wind Streamers WinterKids Blog
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DIY Wind Streamers

Let’s Dance! These DIY Wind Streamers are a fun art project, and they’ll help inspire curiosity and movement while they learn basic earth science lessons.

Stick Derivation WinterKids03
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Stick Seriation (aka: Arranging Sticks)

Take the kids outside-your yard or a park or other outdoor space where trees may have dropped branches. Time to play “pick up sticks!” Seriation is arranging objects in order by size, location or position. Sorting and ordering are the building blocks of mathematics.

DIY Stick Rafts WinterKids4
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DIY Stick Rafts For Rainy Day Water Play

We were inspired by “I LOVE the Rain” (one of our books of the month) to make little stick rafts for bugs and fairies! We anxiously waited for a rainy day to bring enough puddles and streams, so that we could give this a try. Next time it’s raining where you are, gather your supplies, slip on those rain boots and raincoats, and head outside to create your own stick rafts!

DIY Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders WinterKids1
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DIY Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders

Looking for an indoor project? Try this art project with your children Seed Mosaics from the WinterKids Guide to Outdoor Active Learning, Preschool Edition. Kids (and adults) can get creative and make attractive, edible (for our bird friends) art to hang outside for the birds.

April 2020 Book of the Month
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Books of the Month: Spring is Springing!

Spring is in the air, it’s a fun time of year to teach the kids about all the new things they can see and do outside whether rain or shine!

March 2020 Book of the Month
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Book of the Month: Keep Them Busy & Curious as We Transition from Winter to Spring

Our March books of the month will keep your kids busy and curious as we transition out of winter and into…spring!

Measuring Snow Sport Gear Step 3 4 WinterKids
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Learning to Measure by Measuring Snow Sport Gear

Here is a simple activity for kids as you are gearing up for the new season and taking inventory for upcoming snow adventures. This is a great opportunity for kids to familiarize themselves with snow sports gear while working on their measuring skills.

December 2019 book of the month WinterKids
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Book of the Month: Inspire the Love of Skiing and Say Hello to Winter!

December’s book of the month selections will help inspire a love for skiing and get them excited to say hello to winter…our favorite season!

Leaves Up Close WinterKids Nature Patterns
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Fun Outdoor Activity: Identifying Nature Patterns

Enjoy some time together outside while working on identifying patterns and creating patterns with natural objects. This activity is great for preschool to 2nd-grade level for either introducing the concept of patterns or for practicing and reinforcing understanding of patterns.

November 2019 Book of the Month Featured Blog Image
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Book of the Month: Increase Awareness and Engage the Senses

November’s book of the month selections will give you tools to help increase their awareness and engage their senses as you head outdoors this fall and winter!

WinterKids Winter Warm Ups 1
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WinterKids Winter Warm Ups!

Let’s get our bodies ready for winter fun! These stretches and agility challenges will help kids develop the balance, coordination, and quickness needed for many winter sports and activities.

5376 kids succotash play recipe Farm to Fork Fun with WinterKids
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Farm-to-Fork Fun!

An outdoor, dramatic play activity inspired by the book Summer Supper!

After reading the story, children are invited to head to the farmers’ market to buy ingredients and make their own farm-to-fork dish! Succotash recipe card and farmer’s market shopping list downloads are provided in this blog post.